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Mr. Nithyanand is a Director of Dark Forest Furniture Company Private Limited, one of India’s largest integrated furniture manufacturers. As a director of the company he is responsible for the leadership, strategic, direction, operational management and delivery excellence of DAFFCO.

Earlier he was a director of Coffee Day’s investment venture Way2Wealth where he was in-charge of driving business in Equity, Futures and Options Segments in the Capital Markets and Wholesale & Retail segments in the Debt market. His experience in the capital market goes back 17 years from the inception of Sivan securities under the aegis of Mr. V.G.Siddhartha.

Mr. Nithyanand has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Master’s Degree in Commerce. He is passionate about interior designing having personally designed exclusive pieces of home furniture and done the interiors of a few houses. He is an avid reader and loves to listen to western rock and pop music and watch movies. His love for travelling adds a plethora of vivid, multicultural experiences that reflect in his progressive outlook.

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