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Daffco, an acronym for the Dark Forest Furniture Company , derives its name from the legendary Kathlekhan coffee estates situated in Chickmagalur, Karnataka. Kathlekhan means Dark Forest in Kannada, a South Indian local language.

Daffco manufactures contemporary furniture to complement the architecture of any building. The craftsmanship at Daffco is about turning raw material into a timeless piece of art. It aims at evolving an aesthetic range of furniture with eye catching designs that morph the contours of any space, making it come to life.

We are always in sync with the trends, soon to start retailing of furniture, making avant-garde furniture a part of day-to-day lives. Our product range consists of a wide range of materials, finish and sizes. We only use finest quality material for the furniture to have a long life. The designs evolve with time, maximising advancements in technology to create beauty in every touch. The designs can be personalised as per specific requirements. Daffco also manufactures a select line of furniture for other leading furniture retailers in the country.

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