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Hailing from a family of coffee plantation owners, our Chairman and Promoter Mr. V G Siddhartha’s vision was to establish a world-class furniture making and manufacturing unit using the timber logged on our estates. A strong believer in the power of good design, he has an uncompromising vision when it comes to building the best team and infrastructure, as well as supporting all our innovations. He also believes that DAFFCO has the potential to scale up to reach a much wider audience.

DAFFCO, an acronym for the Dark Forest Furniture Company, derives its name from the legendary Kathlekhan (Kannada for ‘Dark Forest’) coffee plantations. A part of the Coffee Day Group, DAFFCO is situated in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

DAFFCO manufactures contemporary furniture to complement the interiors of any building. Craftsmanship to us is about turning raw materials, especially wood, into a timeless piece of art. Our aim is to create furniture that stands the test of time, in aesthetics as well as usability and comfort.


Coffee day owns 14,000 acres of coffee plantations in the cool slopes of the hills around Chikmagalur. Growing our coffee in the shade of Silver Oak trees gives us timber that must be periodically logged in order to enable optimal coffee cultivation.

It was this constant supply of timber that gave birth to the idea of incorporating a furniture company within the Coffee Day group. And so, DAFFCO was born on 11th Feb 2011.


We ensure that while we harvest mature trees for manufacturing furniture, we contribute by planting a greater number of them for the future. We grow and harvest at the same time for a sustainable environment.


Honesty & Integrity
Mutual Respect


The Management team of DAFFCO and all its associates are committed to providing superior, cost effective and high quality products to our customers. We shall achieve this by establishing an effective Quality Management System through continual improvements of our process and products, as well as constantly innovating to address our customers’ requirements.